Pactum enters the next phase

In a strongly developing market environment, Pactum gives itself a new structure and adjusts its management and Board of Directors. In Pactum’s next phase co-founder Joscha Rosenbauer will focus on strategic development and partnerships and take over as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Tarek Selim (previously COO and CFO) will take over the Executive […]

What to expect in 2022

Now is the time of year when commentators like to make predictions then hope vehemently that no-one looks back to them in 12 months. Either because they are proven to be 100% wrong or because, as one fund I knew managed, they were 100% right but the fund had failed to make any money on […]

Our sight on the current economics

“If inflation was measured the same way as the 1970s, 2021 inflation would be as high as back then.” This quote from an esteemed financial market observer is very key. And while we can’t calculate what 2021 inflation would look like under the 1970s methodology, we do know it would be north of 12%. Yet […]

Risk under control?

We are proud that Bilanz Magazine reported about Pactum in the current issue and would like to share the article “Risk under Control” with you. The team is available for a conversation and happy to share more insights on our investment solutions.

Gathering storms?

Liquidity is a key component in and predictor of the financial and economic cycles that cause asset price swings, movements in interest rates and changes in business activity. Global liquidity peaked in late 2020, saw a slight spike higher in September with the IMF’s special allocation of new SDRs, which caused around a 2.5% jump, […]

Key Arguments for Private Debt

2021 continues to show a unique investment environment dominated by very low to even negative interest rates, highly compressed risk premiums and record-high stock markets. The financial crisis 2007/2008 and the objective of governments to avoid low growth or a recession at any price, has led to an abundance of liquidity in the financial system. […]

Room for growth?

Profitable and sustainable growth is a universal business objective. Companies often see potential growth opportunities that they cannot realise due to the limited availability of liquidity. Pactum can address this bottleneck. In June 2021, a Pactum client successfully financed the acquisition of a competitor with Pactum’s asset-based financing solutions. The transaction, which was carried out […]

Foundation of Pactum GmbH in Munich

Pactum GmbH, our first international subsidiary, started its work at the beginning of May. Based in Munich, the team serves European investors. Pactum is thus strengthening its presence in the Euro area and fulfils all regulatory requirements for distribution to professional investors. Munich was chosen because of its high density of family offices, insurance companies […]

Working Capital Finance – A New Asset Class?

The raft of techniques to release working capital on a company’s balance sheet have proliferated and with it the innovative ways that banks and lenders can re-package those risks and sell them. This has led to some commentators to describe the space as a new asset class in its own right. However, the story of […]

Principles for Responsible Investment

Pactum AG announced its decision to become a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The PRI is recognised as the leading global network for investors who are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment practices and ownership policies. The Principles for Responsible Investments, voluntary and aspirational, […]