A True Win-Win-Solution through Receivables Financing 

The year 2020 is coming to an end. At the same time, it will go down in history as a year of great uncertainty. Even 2021 will bring only little more certainty. The major problems – exacerbated by the corona pandemic – will remain: international recession, political and economic tensions, social divisions, growing nationalism. All these factors make […]

Innovation & Sustainability

We live in special times. The world’s population has never had a better living standard than today. Nevertheless, there is general uncertainty. Global crises dominate the titles of the press: refugee crisis, climate crisis, democracy crisis, Covid19 crisis to name just a few. We are optimists by conviction and see every crisis as an opportunity […]

Working capital finance as competitive strength

Our Pactum Corporate Finance Fund (PCCF) is special. Therefore, it is important to understand how it differs from other products in the marketplace. In a first step, we need understand the difference between receivable working capital and supply chain finance: yes, the underlying is similar but the method of investment would be as dissimilar as […]

Pactum AG launches its European Pactum Corporate Capital Fund

Providing investors access to attractive returns from working capital finance with minimum risk ZURICH, Switzerland; 8 October 2020 Pactum AG, a FINMA regulated asset manager in receivables finance successfully launched the Pactum Corporate Capital Fund (PCCF) in close collaboration with Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd as the main custodian bank. The fund provides liquidity to Europe’s […]

Growth and innovation instead of negative interest rates – a test of strength?

(NZZ, 10.09.2020) Parts of the economy seem to have largely decoupled. Has the coin split? With the two sides of the coin being the real and financial economy? An obvious observation is that available capital is not finding the investment opportunities that are accessible at the moment. New alternative investment solutions can bridge this gap. […]

Operational Challenges in Finance

The world is changing In finance, the ground under your feet is always changing and the dangers of standing still can often be catastrophic. We are in the midst of one of the biggest shifts in financial architecture of this century which is driven predominantly by the application of exponential technologies, such as AI, automation, […]

Compliance strengthens entrepreneurship

Compliance may still annoy many entrepreneurs. Compliance costs money, generates costs, and is possibly still somewhat unfamiliar to some asset managers. Nevertheless, we love compliance because it allows us as entrepreneurs to control our risks and differentiate ourselves from the competition. Therefore, an intelligent compliance organisation strengthens entrepreneurial action. The regulatory requirements for asset managers […]

Covid19 – A chance for a new beginning

The global pandemic and the associated lockdown have left a negative mark on almost all companies: financially, staff-wise and operationally with interrupted supply chains. The fight for survival was in the foreground. So how do you find your way out of the trough? A fundamental repositioning is often more effective than simply continuing with the […]

New Advisory board

More than ever, a company’s greatest asset is the team. The same applies to Pactum and its growing team of experts. Our clear focus enables us to concentrate on core capabilities and value adding processes. In addition, Pactum wants to enhance the added value of its solution by adding relevant competences into the structuring and […]

Reconsider Working Capital

We live in turbulent times. For many companies, 2020 started with a positive outlook and solid liquidity buffers. Now, the expectations of most CFOs about the economic situation are even more negative as they were during the Financial crisis in 2008. What does that mean for companies’ cash cycle for the coming months? The amount […]