Leading through crisis

The board of directors carries special responsibilities in times of crisis. Following the paper of our colleagues at Schellenberg Wittmer, we would like to share our view. A board is responsible for the strategic development and oversight of a company. This overall responsibility for the management of the company includes financial planning as well. In […]

Alternative Finance in the Automotive Industry

The world is changing. Business is change. Pactum sees opportunities in this. The asset manager offers working capital finance solutions across various industries. One of these is the automotive industry with a focus on European supply chains. After more than 120 years, the business is under pressure from multiple angles. Hence, this decade may be […]

Stable investor returns

Pactum continues to deliver to promise. On the one hand, we offer Europe’s leading brands attractive financing solutions – independent from external shocks like the current pandemic. On the other hand, we deliver uncorrelated return to our investors. This is possible – even in times of market turmoil – due to our access to high-quality […]

Working capital finance market

Switzerland is very successful in many areas thanks to possessing a unique combination of international orientation and national virtues. This is impressively demonstrated by the high number of Swiss world market leaders occupying the top spots when it comes to innovation rankings. In addition, the Swiss financial industry is constantly developing new and exciting solutions […]

Income Investment Opportunity in Times of Market Turmoil

Conservative, fixed income investments are in strong demand. Yields and premiums for investment grade investments have reached historic lows, but investors are stepping up their buying spree in the face of the Corona pandemic and market uncertainty. In the current market environment, there are other alternative, more attractive and safe interest baring investments available then […]

Optimizing risk exposure

Pactum helps to optimize risk management Pactum AG offers tailored financing solutions for large corporations. One client, a European industry leader, is working with Pactum to sustainably improve its risk exposure towards its clients. The industry has faced challenging economic conditions in the past months after more than a decade of growth. Suppliers have seen […]

Strengthening balance sheet

Pactum supports tackling today’s challenges and improving the balance sheet Today’s reality is shaped by increased uncertainty. Political, economic, social. The speed of change has increased and is putting stress on many established processes. The effects can also be found in many balance sheets that show increased levels of leverage. Additional finance might be required […]

Easing business specific time gaps

Pactum helps to increase growth rate to more than 15% p.a. Certain business models require a constantly high level of financing due to business specific time gaps. Such a time gap can be found in the case of human resource intense businesses that require monthly salaries but work in long-term projects that can be billed […]

Working capital finance

Working capital finance supports the growth course of successful corporations Even the most successful and fast-growing corporations can benefit from additional financial resources. However, in recent years banks have reduced their activities due to increased regulatory and financial requirements. Pactum can offer a fast path to growth by releasing working capital tied-up in receivables or […]

Enhancing growth by acquisition

Pactum enables mergers and acquisition Often corporations see potential growth opportunities that they can’t realize due to the limited availability of liquidity. A Pactum AG client successfully finance the acquisition of a competitor with Pactum’s asset-based financing solutions. In cooperation with leading banks, the deal closer resulted in great economies of scale and improved geographic […]