Rick on: Expertise

Expertise: You either earn it, or you hire it. Simple.   With over 30 years in the short-dated Fixed Income bond and funding markets, I know I’m not bad within a small niche. Not bad at all, even to the point where some might call me an expert, but let’s call it expertise. Expertise earnt the […]

The popularity of alternative financing options for SMEs  

Our analysis of financing instruments included a wide range of indicators. For example, we looked at the expected development of turnover and the number of employees on the type of financing chosen, in addition to company size.   The two already most popular forms of financing have grown the most. Both in 2016 and 2022, these […]

Investment Team: The people and work behind the numbers

The investment team at Pactum have a proud record: with over ten years of fund management track record behind them, no investor has ever taken a loss over any 12-month period. Please get to know Rick, Derek, Mike, and Margaret. As we launch our new flagship Pactum Corporate Capital Fund, it is worth considering the […]

The 8th Annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum in London  

BCR’s Alternative Finance & Receivables Forum has been tracking the revolution in receivables and invoice finance since 2014. This November, it takes place in London as a two-day event.   The event is a unique gathering where established receivables financiers meet with ‘alternative’ SME funders to discover how the competitive landscape for commercial finance is changing […]

Distribution of the use of alternative financing options by industry 

For about two-thirds of the larger SMEs, at least one alternative form of financing is relevant. The largest share is found in industry, followed by construction and the machinery, electrical and metal industry.  The analysis builds on four categories:   basically relevant  currently used  applied for in the last 12 months  application planned  The study distinguishes […]

Key Arguments for Private Debt

2022 has proved that diversification is key in portfolio management. Private debt is the interest and credit-related twin of private equity. Both have a history of being highly intertwined, and a big part of private debt exposure is related to private equity business.   While being an important asset class in the U.S. for years, Private […]

Alternative forms of financing with solid growth

The financing structure of Swiss SMEs changed significantly in 2021 compared to the situation in 2016. The share of SMEs with bank financing has remained unchanged at around 32 percent. However, SMEs are increasingly financing themselves via non-banks. While only 6 percent of SMEs had debt financing from non-banks in 2016, this figure had already […]

A Game of 2 Halves 

The economic outlook right now is divided between the US and the rest of the world, particularly in Europe, which makes the investment landscape especially tough.   In the US, we have a Federal Reserve that sees only a slim chance of a recession ahead, inflation pressures are shaved by slowing in overseas demand, and while […]

SMEs are turning to alternative forms of finance

In collaboration with the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Pactum has studied the financing of Swiss SMEs. The study, “Alternative SME Financing,” compares data from 2016 and 2021 and is based on information from 2,700 companies. The data was collected on behalf of the State […]