Benedikt Rieger adds value to Pactum AG

Zurich, Mai 4, 2020 – Benedikt Rieger’s brings great expertise in international business deals to the team of Pactum.

2020 has been a very successful year for Pactum so far. The company’s investment and financing solutions provide a safe haven for professional investors and corporate clients in the currently challenging times. Joscha Rosenbauer, Managing Partner and CEO, comments as follows: “The world is experiencing the first truly global pandemic. In-depth expertise and experience as well as stable processes are more important than ever. Benedikt perfectly complements our core competencies.” In every crisis, there is the potential for renewal and optimisation. Therefore, Pactum stays true to its belief in long-term partnerships with investors and clients.

Benedikt has made valuing, negotiating and closing international business deals expertise with long-time experience heading projects across numerous markets. Latest, Benedikt was a Partner and Senior Relationship Manager at Strategic Swiss Partners AG, a leading boutique management and financial advisory firm, focusing on private equity and M&A transactions. He was the company’s representative at the World Economic Forum, the Forbes Global Receptions, and other well-known platforms. Prior, Benedikt was a Board Member and Business Development Manager at Switzerland’s largest sports event, the ATP Swiss Indoors Basel. To date, Benedikt’s industry expertise covers private banking, private equity, mergers & acquisitions, sponsoring, project leadership, and sales.


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