Next Generation: Securing the Future of Businesses and Communities through Working Capital Solutions

Working Capital Finance

Businesses and communities face many financial challenges in today’s rapidly changing economy. Whether managing cash flow, adapting to market fluctuations, or dealing with unexpected expenses, companies and communities must find ways to maintain financial stability to secure their futures. Working capital solutions provide a powerful tool for achieving this stability.  Working capital solutions are financial […]

The future of working capital finance: trends and developments 

Working capital finance is essential for companies to ensure that they can stay liquid and grow their business. In recent years, several trends and developments have emerged that point to an exciting future for working capital finance.  One of the most significant developments is the rise of alternative forms of financing, such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer […]

The Importance of Financial Freedom for SME Growth

Financial Freedom for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a key driver of economic growth and prosperity in many countries, playing a crucial role in job creation, innovation, competition and regional development. At Pactum, we focus on large SMEs and smaller multinationals with annual turnover of up to €2 billion. Generally, they provide goods or services to a […]

Rick’s note on Credit Suisse situation 

Whilst Pactum worked very closely with the great guys and girls at Credit Suisse in our early days, loss of investor confidence in CS post Greensill has meant that our paths have diverged in the interim period and we have no current operational exposure. Obviously, clients are asking what we think the fallout will be […]

The Ripple Effect: The Multiplicative Benefits of Working Capital Solutions for Individuals, Communities, and Society as a Whole

Businesses’ financial stability has a ripple effect that extends far beyond their immediate operations. When companies can manage their finances effectively, they are better equipped to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and build a brighter future for everyone. Working capital solutions play a critical role in making this financial stability and, as a result, contribute […]

Unlocking potential and realizing dreams 

At Pactum, we are on a mission to ignite growth and unleash companies’ full potential. Our passion for supporting businesses extends beyond Switzerland and into the thriving markets of Western Europe, the UK, and the US.   In the dynamic world of IT staffing, we have been a game-changer since late 2019 by financing receivables. One […]

Alternative finance in Switzerland: Unleashing the potential of innovation and growth 

In the world of finance, Switzerland has long been known for its stability and reliability. However, in recent years, a new wave of alternative finance providers has begun to shake up the traditional banking system and offer new opportunities for businesses and investors. Alternative finance in Switzerland has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses […]

Rick on: Expertise

Expertise: You either earn it, or you hire it. Simple.   With over 30 years in the short-dated Fixed Income bond and funding markets, I know I’m not bad within a small niche. Not bad at all, even to the point where some might call me an expert, but let’s call it expertise. Expertise earnt the […]

Rick On: Changing Market Sentiment, Crypto, Snow and 2023…

It is clear if you look at the recovery in the markets over the past few weeks that sentiment has changed. But for the man-in-the-street feeling the pinch from inflation especially via energy costs it is not immediately obvious what has changed in the Real World. The first snow of the year is hitting Zurich […]

The popularity of alternative financing options for SMEs  

Our analysis of financing instruments included a wide range of indicators. For example, we looked at the expected development of turnover and the number of employees on the type of financing chosen, in addition to company size.   The two already most popular forms of financing have grown the most. Both in 2016 and 2022, these […]