We offer working capital for successful companies.

What we do.

The essence of working capital finance is helping companies manage complexity, reduce risk, support suppliers, release corporate cash for investment, or to fuel growth. 

Pactum achieves this via various structures for financing accounts receivable and accounts payable to enhance the working capital within the supply chain.

Since our receivable product launched in 2019, we have purchased over Euro 7bn of receivables without a single default or unpaid invoice. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to put together solutions to fit both client and investor, how can we help you?

Pactum sets up and manages large accounts receivable (AR) finance programs for its clients.

In an AR program, a supplier (often referred to as the seller) can achieve benefits for itself and its buyers via selling its accounts receivable to us to fund growth, acquisition or even allowing them to potentially offer an extension of payment terms to their clients (the buyers).

Therefore, AR programmes can be a win-win for both sellers and buyers. It is a way for sellers to finance sales growth while reducing credit risk and improving working capital.

From the credit standpoint, AR is more complex to handle than accounts payable programmes. Still, it truly achieves credit risk diversification as it involves processing a diversified portfolio of obligors instead of dealing with the risk concentration inherent in accounts payable.

Balance-sheet-wise, AR solutions are an efficient way of financing working capital, as they do not impact debt and dramatically improve all participants’ cash flow and liquidity.

What we offer.

Every successful and fast-growing corporation benefits from additional financial liquidity. Pactum provides a fast path to growth by releasing working capital tied up in receivables or your supply chain.

Our accounts receivable based programs:

  • Focus on our client’s business and their capital needs from medium to high volumes
  • Handle multiple currencies (EUR, CHF, USD, GBP and JPY), different entities and jurisdictions
  • Are swiftly implemented and work with short and defined turnaround times
  • Provide a single point of contact for customers
  • Save time and offer direct data links as well as a high degree of process optimisation
  • Improve cashflow, reporting, monitoring, credit checks and compliance
  • Eater to the existing contractual frameworks to significantly reduce workload
  • Can cover a multi-level partnership approach of OEMs, distributors, resellers and end-customers
  • Finance receivables based on products, software and services in almost all industries


We see working capital finance as a key tool in every Treasurer’s armoury:

  • Off balance sheet financing potential
  • Flexible adjustment of liquidity needs
  • Improved risk distribution
  • Improved return on equity
  • Access to significant volumes of capital

We see working capital finance as a key tool in every portfolio:

  • Low correlation strategies
  • Superior returns with short underlying duration
  • Quasi-investment grade credit risk with high levels of insurance and risk aversion
  • Assured over collateralisation
  • High sector diversification
  • Efficient liquidity instrument
  • Hedged currency exposure