Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation & Sustainability

We live in special times. The world’s population has never had a better living standard than today. Nevertheless, there is general uncertainty. Global crises dominate the titles of the press: refugee crisis, climate crisis, democracy crisis, Covid19 crisis to name just a few.

We are optimists by conviction and see every crisis as an opportunity for improvement. Based on the discussion in economics, we see innovation as renewal accompanied by technical, social or economic change. In this sense, economic innovation leads to either new or better satisfaction of existing needs. Innovation drives the development of humanity and the growth of the economy.

At the same time, innovation requires a lot of courage: entrepreneurial and financial courage. In most developed countries, such as Switzerland, we see a lack of innovation and growth that has lasted for at least two decades. Innovations are occasionally driven by start-ups and global giants. However, innovative ideas and companies are often financed only very tentatively. This is critical, as the most significant crisis of our generation seems to be the climate crisis. Ecologically sustainable growth is a long way off.

Therefore, innovative ideas and companies are the key to a future of prosperity, health and freedom. With our innovative investment and financing solutions, we focus on rapidly growing companies. Our admittedly complex solutions convince with various new ideas and approaches and thus perfectly fulfil the definition of innovation. Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with this.

Text written by: Joscha Rosenbauer, Managing Partner & CEO, Pactum AG