Investment solutions

Our Pactum Corporate Capital Fund (PCCF) is open to qualified investors. Here you will find the most important information. For a direct exchange, please use our contact form.

Asset-Based Lending

Working capital finance as an alternative fixed income investment.

Pactum finances account receivables and payables of some of the biggest European brands. Working capital finance offers a low correlation to other asset classes while combining superior returns with short underlying duration.


Our receivables purchase programs are always overcollateralized.


All our investments are diversified in multiple dimensions: For example, by currency, by geography, size or industry sector.


Short underlying duration allows us to offer attractive liquidity terms.

Investment solutions

Our investment approach

Pactum offers companies scalable financing solutions at attractive terms and investors with an insured, asset-backed source of uncorrelated returns in the private debt markets. With our strong team of investment experts and partnerships built with some of the biggest names in the market including Credit Suisse, TMF and Clifford Chance, we provide unique solutions combining innovation and quality.

Investment solutions

Our business procedures

Our business procedures: All investments are insured against default by one of our major European insurance company partners (COFACE, Euler Hermes or Atradius).

  • Sellers are individually onboarded
  • All obligors are cross-referenced with insurer’s ratings before any invoice purchase
  • In-depth criteria check to ensure a diversified and protected portfolio
  • Ongoing monitoring and sampling of invoices and obligors
  • Professional debt collection
Risk management

Our platform

In today’s market many successful companies can benefit from the additional liquidity offered by a working capital facility, especially those companies looking to expand organically or via acquisition.

All receivables are purchased on a rolling basis into SPVs where they are actively managed by our team in collaboration with external partners. The entire process is highly automatized and uses an industry-standard software solution.

Our niche

 Pactum strives to be the key Swiss provider of working capital solutions for industry leaders and investors in Europe. We purchase account receivables and payables from some of the biggest European brand names and work closely with our partners to provide value by turning tailored working capital financing solutions into innovative investment opportunities.

Our advantages

We see working capital finance as a key tool in every Treasurer’s armoury:

  • Off balance sheet financing potential
  • Flexible adjustment of liquidity needs
  • Improved risk distribution
  • Improved return on equity
  • Access to significant volumes of capital

We see working capital finance as a key tool in every portfolio:

  • Low correlation strategies
  • Superior returns with short underlying duration
  • Quasi-investment grade credit risk with high levels of insurance and risk aversion
  • Assured over collateralisation
  • High sector diversification
  • Efficient liquidity instrument
  • Hedged currency exposure