Pactum enters the next phase

Pactum enters the next phase

In a strongly developing market environment, Pactum gives itself a new structure and adjusts its management and Board of Directors.

In Pactum’s next phase co-founder Joscha Rosenbauer will focus on strategic development and partnerships and take over as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Tarek Selim (previously COO and CFO) will take over the Executive Board and lead the day-to-day business alongside Peter Gorini (Chief Sales Officer), Rick Pearson (Chief Investment Officer) and Dr Mark-Oliver Baumgarten (General Counsel) in the future.

As of August 2022, Pactum has processed and financed more than EUR 6.3 billion in receivables. Pactum has a wealth of experience in Receivable Finance and continues to build on its leadership role. The new structure is geared towards international clients, allowing for faster scaling. The expertise and network of key positions play an important role.

Realigned: The Executive Board

Tarek Selim becomes the CEO. He combines a long career in investment banks like Goldman Sachs and UBS with extensive experience in founding and scaling companies in the financial sector. He was a founding partner and CFO/COO of Arabesque Asset Management, an ESG quant fund. Before joining Pactum, he was CFO and member of the Executive Committee at Deon Digital AG, a blockchain/software development company.

Rick Pearson leads the investment side of Pactum. He launched his career as head of a trading desk in London and later founded and grew his own hedge fund in Switzerland to $15 billion in fixed income.

Peter Gorini brings 25 years of experience from various industries. He is characterized by a powerful network and a high understanding of entrepreneurship. As co-founder of several successful start-ups in the field of Big Data and IT infrastructure, you know the needs of companies very well. As Chief Sales Officer, he takes over all sales activities.

Dr. Mark-Oliver Baumgarten is responsible for the legal aspects at Pactum. He is a business lawyer and specializes in financial markets, investment funds, real estate and capital markets. He was a member of the Executive Board of the Swiss Bankers Association SBA and a member of expert committees of business associations such as economiesuisse and SFAMA.

The management team of Pactum AG. From left: CEO Tarek Selim, VRP Joscha Rosenbauer, CSO Peter Gorini, CIO Rick Pearson, General Counsel Dr. Mark-Oliver Baumgarten, LL.M.
The management team of Pactum AG. From left: CEO Tarek Selim, VRP Joscha Rosenbauer, CSO Peter Gorini, CIO Rick Pearson, General Counsel Dr. Mark-Oliver Baumgarten, LL.M.

Investors as the most important stakeholders

The new structure allows Pactum to leverage the industry experience of its management and team and to focus as much as possible on its investors, customers and employees. Key to the success of these efforts, in addition to the existing experience in asset management, is the activation of the powerful network, which extends across Europe.

Additional added value for financing customers

The alignment reflects the intensified focus on growth financing for medium-sized and large companies. In addition to its domain knowledge in various industries, Pactum can draw on an extensive network of experts with know-how in all relevant industries. This lays the foundation for successful long-term collaboration.

Board of Directors with strong competencies in the financial sector

Joscha Rosenbauer is co-founder and former CEO of Pactum. The move to the strategic level allows him to capitalize on his knowledge of the core business and all stakeholders.

Susanne Kundert is an expert in fund management and the area of High Yield & European Credit. She knows the Swiss environment from many years of experience in various roles and brings a strong focus on sustainable investing to the Board.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens provides Pactum with extensive knowledge in Behavioural Finance in Private Banking and Evolutionary Finance in Asset Management. He is a professor of financial market economics at various universities and plays a key role in shaping the discussion in this field.

Dr. Wolfgang Kuhn brings extensive experience in growth finance to the Board of Directors of Pactum. He demonstrates success in strategy and risk control in the trading sector and asset management. He has acquired expertise in balance sheet structure management, supervisory and Board mandates of medium-sized industrial companies in various sectors, and corporate development and risk management.

The Advisory Board with Bernhard Maier, Stefan Theis, Teresa Mandl, Hans Knöpfl and Tecla Solari complements the Board with specialized knowledge and their network.

Pactum AG would like to take this opportunity to thank the departing members of the Board of Directors for their discussions, support and work over the past years.