Pactum Review 2020

Sh*t has hit the fan. This saying summarizes 2020 quite well in many regards. We don’t want to repeat everything that was said about macro-economics, public debt, health systems or the state of democracy in Europe or the US. But we want to express our condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one. May it be due to Covid19, Brexit or other tragedies.

2020 was an exceptionally successful year for Pactum. Financing close to EUR 5 bn of receivables, we have won clients, investors, partners and friends. The turbulent times confirmed our focus on working capital finance. The economic need for our financing solutions increased dramatically as many trends were accelerated due to the pandemic. We are proud to support so many successful and growing companies. At the same time, the need for investment opportunities increased due to extremely volatile markets and further decreased interest rates. Therefore, we are happy to still have a flawless investment performance – without a single default.

Uncertainty is the new normal and we have to focus on the controllable. Hence, we focus on us and our solutions. We have increased our team, our capabilities and our offerings. Today, we are perfectly equipped for whatever may come in 2021.

Text written by: Joscha Rosenbauer, Managing Partner & CEO, Pactum AG