Rick on: Expertise

Rick on: Expertise

Expertise: You either earn it, or you hire it. Simple.  

With over 30 years in the short-dated Fixed Income bond and funding markets, I know I’m not bad within a small niche. Not bad at all, even to the point where some might call me an expert, but let’s call it expertise. Expertise earnt the hard way, which is, let’s face it, the only way to acquire expertise. 

But much of the skill of running a project or business is realising where your expertise has its limits.  

The hardest thing in the World is knowing what you don’t know or accept what you are not good at. The next hardest thing is admitting it and then realising that you need to hire people that are not “just like you”. 

Here at Pactum, we actively look at and analyse our weaknesses to decide where we need to reinforce the team through hiring internally or by bringing in specialist external partners.  

This combined force gives us the team we need to support each other and the knowledge and expertise required to build out our unique funding solutions to suit both our clients, who want an efficient Working Capital solution and our investors, who are looking for stable returns in uncertain times. 

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