Stable investor returns

Pactum continues to deliver to promise. On the one hand, we offer Europe’s leading brands attractive financing solutions – independent from external shocks like the current pandemic. On the other hand, we deliver uncorrelated return to our investors. This is possible – even in times of market turmoil – due to our access to high-quality receivables portfolios with very low investment risk and careful due diligence. Our portfolios are characterized by low portfolio risks because of over-collateralization, high diversification and short-term maturities. The currently challenging times prove the need for intelligent asset diversification and alternative investment solutions. Low correlation with traditional and alternative investments and therefore a high diversification potential play out their strengths especially now. Many thanks to our strong partners, investors and clients. 

Our thoughts rest with all the people affected by Covid19 and hope for a successful way back to a new normal. #We are in this together.