The 8th Annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum in London  

The 8th Annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum in London  

BCR’s Alternative Finance & Receivables Forum has been tracking the revolution in receivables and invoice finance since 2014. This November, it takes place in London as a two-day event.  

The event is a unique gathering where established receivables financiers meet with ‘alternative’ SME funders to discover how the competitive landscape for commercial finance is changing and what SMEs and corporate clients want from financial providers.  

8th Annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum

Experts from the banking, fintech and non-banking finance sectors will discuss developments in financial systems outside of traditional banking. Some of these new forms have the potential to replace conventional financial institutions. The participants address the power of alternative financial systems, the opportunities offered by decentralised finance and how innovative technologies impact traditional market participants.  

Our Chief Investment Officer, Rick Pearson, will speak at the event in London on the Investors’ panel: “What is attracting investors to invest in alternative and receivables finance?” The panel will focus on developments since 2021 and how they affect investors’ decisions today and in the future. At the core is the question of how investors assess alternative forms of financing compared to traditional instruments. 

For Rick, it is also a return to an old working place: he was responsible with Clifford Chance for the first securitisation of insured receivables under the European Securitisation Act.  

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